We specialize in property management services, home rental services and more. Contact us to learn more or to receive a FREE Personalized quote for your property needs.

PPMJAX Offers:

  • Property/Asset Management Services
  • FABI Certified Home Inspection
  • Home Rental Services
  • Renovation/Turnkey Services
  • Landscaping
  • Cleaning services (Vacant)
  • Home Staging
  • And much more…



Looking for a management company with an In – House Maintenance crew?

We offer 24/7 365 in house maintenance to keep maintenance costs low and prevent damage to your rental home. Operating with an in – house staff allows for the most out of your $250 maintenance reserve fund. Any and all maintenance performed on your home will come with a full report and invoice against your fund which will be included in your monthly statement.

Renovations and Turns

Our maintenance division performs all our turns and renovation needs. We provide 2 bids from outside contractors and than we beat their price, so you always get the best deal and you still get the option to choose who performs your work. Whether you choose to keep it all under one roof with PPM, Jax or would like an outside contractor to complete the job.

Reserve Fund

PPM, Jax requires a min. $250 reserve fund for maintenance work and service requests as needed. This is to ensure proper payment of work to be performed in an expeditions manner. All work over $250 will not be performed with out the expressed written permission of the property owner.